A Simple Plan: Dogs

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Factors to Consider when Giving Healthy Dog Treats

Dog treats are considered to be the best way to bond with the pets, to train and to pamper them properly. Training a dog using treats can be both easy and difficult especially when you want the dog to respond to the lessons. Training can be fun and exciting if you use the right treatment for the exercise. In order to keep the dog motivated, you need to give food reward every time, however, due to this , the dog will be responding to every situation even if you do not have any treats. The following are the guides that will assist dog owners in using treats to train their dogs.

First, it is essential to know what your dog likes the most, in order to achieve this, you need to try different types of foods including vegetables, fruits, and meats. The different types of meals provide the dog with a more balanced diet.

Besides, it is advisable to provide your pet with enough treat, since dogs cares more about the quantity rather than the size. At times the process can be tiresome and costly to provide the treat in large amounts, however, in order to be able to do this, you need to give the treat in smaller portions and offer it to the dog in many intervals. Furthermore, the time that the treat is offered to the dog plays a vital role, you need to treat the dog as soon as he does something good. A dog can also be given treat if they are being trained a new command. The treat should not be cut too soon once the pet learns the new command since it will make him lose morale.

Moreover, when choosing a dog treat, one needs to make sure it’s something that your pet will love and something that’s appropriate to give a dog. The ingredients used to make the treat plays a major role since they can benefit or harm the dog. Moreover, human are not always necessarily good for your dogs. Information on the best treat for dogs can be obtained from a local dog vet doctor.

When offering a dog with a treat, one should not put the treat under her or his nose since dogs can smell from over about twenty-five feet away. Once the pet has mastered a new behavior, you may need to remove the treat by reducing the number of times that you are providing him with it.

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