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Why You Should Switch to Using Private Messengers

Data is the new oil. Without proper tools or strategies for making a profit out of it, it is pretty much useless. However, for global corporations, that’s not an issue. Collecting data from their users or buying it off from third-party services is a license to print money. The easiest way to obtain this data is via social media and messenger apps.

Some of the world’s most popular messengers like WhatsApp insist on implementing end-to-end encryption to protect users’ messages, but they end up storing them unencrypted in reality. And choosing to back up your message history (that goes directly to iCloud) means giving the green light to governments to take a look at them whenever the necessity arises. And that’s only a part of the problem.

WhatsApp is a perfect example of a messenger designed to get the most out of its users. It collects information about your contacts (unless you manually restrict it from doing so) and keeps track of how long and who or what you interact with. It …

Smarter Services for Smarter Manufacturing

The increased digitization of processes in different industries has led to automation and robotics. Although manufacturers use smart services to respond to changes in business models and market conditions, there is still need for workers to be trained and well-educated. Having employees with specialized skills will not only ensure proper functioning but also keep you ahead of your competitors.

Hiring Industrial Service Specialists

Smart services provide new possibilities for manufacturers, and they have transformed the manufacturing processes to automated processes. Therefore, it is crucial for manufacturers to hire industrial service specialists who will ensure that the facility services and technology needs are met.

In order to transition successfully to the digital environment, manufacturers need to be well-prepared in terms of data collection and automation. Hiring experts especially those with skills required will ensure that the project is properly done. They will provide skills that the manufacturers and other existing staff …

Different Types of Copiers and Printers

There are different types of printers that are used for different tasks in the work environment. From a laser to snapshot, there is a printer out there for you.

Laser – the laser printer uses light to produce an image on a piece of paper. Basically, the drum within the printer has ink that gets rolled onto a page and baked at super high speeds. These printers are usually only used in the work environment because of the speed paper gets produced at and because some companies require intense details to be shown. The ink for these laser jets is also far cheaper when comparing it to the inkjet.

Inkjet – this is the common printer found in homes and smaller businesses that don’t do a lot of printing on a daily basis. The inkjet uses more ink because it needs to produce a far more detailed image than the