Short Course on Vasectomies – What You Need To Know

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Facts You Need to Know When Considering Getting a Vasectomy

A vasectomy is a surgical procedure which entails cutting the vas deferens which are the tubes which carry sperms and blocks them from passing. It is a form of male contraception which is a way used to prevent pregnancy. If you decide to get this procedure done, there are things you need to know first.

When you talk to a physician or surgeon about having the process done, some of them may advise you to stop taking any blood thinners or any medication that is anti-inflammatory. He will also explain to you what you can expect after and give you tips on how to heal fast.

There’s a conventional approach procedure where your skin is cut is made into the skin on the sides of the scrotum. The vas deferens will be pulled out so that the tubes removed and cut. The tubes will then be removed and cut through the vas deferens which will have been pulled out. The ends are stitched, vas deferens put back then you are stitched up.
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In the second procedure, there will be no cut done on you. The vas deferens is pulled out using a medical instrument which pushes a hole through the skin, and then the tubes are cut and sealed. There will be some discomfort which is perfectly normal. If you opt for this method, the sperms are blocked by placing clips on the vas deferens.
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Even though a vasectomy is considered to be minor surgery, there are tips you can follow to make sure you heal well. The doctor or the nurse can share some of them with you to make it easier for you to recover.

Depending on the type of vasectomy you settle for having, it is always advisable to get some rest after a procedure to avoid injuring yourself. Applying ice packs to the first eight hours or so off and on will help with swelling. To prevent the area from swelling up, you can place ice packs on it to give it a cooling effect. The incisions must be kept covered with clean gauze for three or more days. Antibiotics are a precaution following the process and in that case, take all of them. You shouldn’t be lifting or moving heavy things for approximately three weeks and ought not to be involved in a sport for around three weeks. You should be healed in about a month.