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Construction Job Descriptions

In the present world, many people and organizations are putting up buildings for personal or commercial use while the governments are also going on with some construction projects for roads, dams and railways and therefore there is plenty of work for people with different types of skills. Depending on the project that has been started, there are a lot of people that should be given responsibilities to contribute in ensuring that the project is completed successfully and that all the safety requirements are met to provide structures that can last long enough. Some of the job descriptions for a construction project range from non-skilled laborers who provide manual strength for the work to semi-skilled and skilled people whose job is to handle more complicated actions that are all directed towards ensuring that the project becomes a success after the period set for completion.

One job description for a building job is the architect who is responsible for imagining the way a certain building, road or bridge is supposed to look when it has been completed, and then he will put it in drawing by designing the all the required aspects of the project. After a design has been made to represent the structure to be constructed, the second person who is a construction cost estimator now comes in to evaluate the size of the proposed structure, the materials that will be needed to build it and the amount of labour that will be sufficient to finish the project. After knowing all the estimates, the cost estimator will then come up with a rough figure to indicate the amount of money that will be required to complete the project in time.

The third category of construction jobs now falls to the construction foreman who is hired to oversee the process from its start until the end with his duty being to make sure that all the work is running according to plan and the building or infrastructure being built will meet the quality expected by the owner.

The fourth individual that will be needed is the brick mason who will take charge of the process of laying the project’s foundation using the right amount of material mixed by the unskilled and semi-skilled workers according to specified quantities.

A team of equipment operators should also be present when there is construction of a major structure because there will be need to use other heavy machines to help with the construction such as cement mixing machines and lifting systems.

When the building is complete, a carpenter can be hired in order to do the roofing while an electrical engineer fixes the wiring for the building.

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