Increasing Demands Drive Online Piracy Protection

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People who create new items online, such as courses, videos, WordPress websites, music, or books, are demanding better protection against DMCA infringements. Photographers who display examples of photographs, law firms that provide detailed information for education purposes, and traders that publish predictions, reports, or independent analysis are also vulnerable to having intellectual property stolen.

A Brief Explanation of DMCA

DMCA is an acronym for Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which was passed in 1998. It basically amounts to a copyright law for the internet. Reproduction of creative and original material without permission is illegal. Disseminating the material is also illegal. Several sections of the Act address specifics regarding films, research and white papers, music, and other categories.

Requesting an illegal link or site to be removed is the first course of action against piracy. The reason that is not effective is due to the difficulty of finding infringements. Criminals are sly, clever, and experts in technology. Most will launch sites in countries that do not have copyright laws. Hiding the trail of origin by routing the link through multiple servers is also a common technique.

Piracy Protection Options

The important aspect to realize is that anti-virus software will provide zero protection against DMCA infringements. These deceptions and methods of stealing are not introduced via viruses. Information is often stolen to be re-sold to unsuspecting customers. Links direct customers to the pirated information site where money is spent.

Companies that provide piracy protection are professionals who utilize platforms and monitoring expertise to detect infringements. Once found, the illegal links and sites are removed. Most companies simply remove the sites from search engines. That will make them less likely to divert customers, but not impossible.

A few companies actually remove the links and sites at their source. That means customers cannot be diverted to them at all. It is possible for criminals to create a new site from scratch, but that will take a long time. An innovative platform was designed to cater to creative businesses. The company, dmca takedown czar, customizes services to suit the needs of each business. Increasing demands for better online protection are driving companies to improve service delivery.