Different Types of Copiers and Printers

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There are different types of printers that are used for different tasks in the work environment. From a laser to snapshot, there is a printer out there for you.

Laser – the laser printer uses light to produce an image on a piece of paper. Basically, the drum within the printer has ink that gets rolled onto a page and baked at super high speeds. These printers are usually only used in the work environment because of the speed paper gets produced at and because some companies require intense details to be shown. The ink for these laser jets is also far cheaper when comparing it to the inkjet.

Inkjet – this is the common printer found in homes and smaller businesses that don’t do a lot of printing on a daily basis. The inkjet uses more ink because it needs to produce a far more detailed image than the laser printer. The inkjet also prints on a page by releasing the ink through tiny little holes which minimises blotting and smears.

Solid Ink – solid ink is exactly what you think it is. The ink is produced in a solid piece of what looks like a crayon. This piece of ink gets melted then sent to an ink applicator that drips the ink where necessary. This printer is slower than a laser printer yet quicker than an inkjet but it is also environmentally friendly because of the lack of toxic chemicals.

Snapshot – just like the photography reference, this printer is used to print photographs. A person who is often involved in photography and the distribution of photographs will make great use of this handy printer. They come in different sizes depending on the model and type of paper you will use. You can also view the exact picture that will be printed on the display or preview screen.

Dot Matrix Printer – this is what the very first printers used to use. It’s also known as an impact printer. There is a thin ribbon on the inside of the machine that hits the paper thus staining the desired image or wording on the surface. The machine works with a series of pins pushing into the ribbon making an impression.