Understanding Dedicated Servers and Configuration Options

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The choice of your web hosting plan is as important as your hosting services provider. Many people prefer using shared hosting services because they are cheap. In most cases, however, these plans may not give you all the resources you require. This can result in the limited growth of your website.

As websites start to expand, the chances are that the site owners will want to upgrade to a more reliable hosting option. In such cases, dedicated hosting services are an indispensable tool. These servers are expensive but always offer better performance and all the resources you need.

Do you need a dedicated server?

For internet users to access your website, it should be set up on a server connected to the internet. Most web hosting service providers set up many sites on a single server to minimize costs. That means you can access affordable web hosting services and your services provider can reach more customers.

Here are the reasons you need dedicated servers (servidores dedicados) for website hosting.

  • Better performance: These servers offer better site loading speed than shared website hosting.
  • Availability of all the necessary resources: Having your own server means that your website won’t be sharing resources with other websites. Therefore, you can access more resources than when using shared website hosting services.
  • Better security: Sometimes, hosting multiple websites on one server can turn out to be a liability. Thus, it’s wise to use your server to ensure that your website security is elevated.
  • Customization options: These server solutions allow you to customize your server operating system and location configurations. These options aren’t available for people using shared hosting services.

As mentioned earlier, all the benefits associated with dedicated servers come at an increased cost. These servers are more expensive than shared hosting services. However, if your website has outgrown the resources offered by shared hosting services, you may consider choosing a more viable option.

Important factors to consider when changing your dedicated hosting configurations

Before changing your website hosting plan, it’s advisable to consider a few important factors. These include;

Your website’s location

Your server’s location may be the last thing you think about when changing your dedicated hosting configurations, but it’s a big deal. In fact, it influences your site load speed. The further your site visitor is from its server, the longer it will take the website to load. Therefore, it’s advisable to choose dedicated hosting configurations based on proximity to your main audience.

The server’s OS (Operating System)

Just like computers, you require an operating system to configure your server and interact with it. Most people consider Linux more secure and offer more control over the entire system as compared to Windows. However, the latter offers dedicated hosting OS solutions that are more beginner-friendly, thanks to its intuitive interface.


When choosing a web hosting plan, often cost the primary factor, and cheap shared hosting plans are always attractive. However, at one point, your site may require more resources than a shared hosting plan can offer. This is one of the major reasons you should consider getting a dedicated server solution.