Talk is Cheap

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Most of us have moved from landline phones to exclusively using our cell phones instead. What we’re finding though, is that we’ve moved from the realm of a low-cost home phone to an expensive mobile alternative. We’re paying a lot for that convenience. Is there a better way without moving backward?

What is VoIP?

Phone service over the internet, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of using a traditional phone provider, your phone calls are delivered over a reliable internet connection. You can use this in addition to your traditional telephone service or, if your internet connection is good enough, in place of your existing phone plan.


You’re going to have to pay for your internet, but the calls you make using VoIP are usually cheaper and frequently, they’re free. So, you’re going to save money. You’re also going to be able to route your calls to anywhere you are, as long as you have a solid connection to the internet. While this isn’t a change from your current mobile service, it’s definitely an improvement over the landline you may have to maintain for business or personal reasons.

Some Considerations

If you’re considering VoIP as a solution to your communication needs, you need to be aware that not all traditional telephone services are available via the internet-based service. Specifically, 911 and 411 are not always part of a VoIP package. Phone directory listings are also only offered by specific providers. Be sure you know what you need and who can provide it.

You also may need special equipment to convert your existing phone system over to VoIP. You will most certainly need an internet router and Ethernet cable, and possibly other equipment as well. Researching what you’ll need and how much it will cost can help you decide if VoIP will benefit or damage your bottom line.

An internet search for VoIP information can help you make your decision about whether this technology is right for you.