Smarter Services for Smarter Manufacturing

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The increased digitization of processes in different industries has led to automation and robotics. Although manufacturers use smart services to respond to changes in business models and market conditions, there is still need for workers to be trained and well-educated. Having employees with specialized skills will not only ensure proper functioning but also keep you ahead of your competitors.

Hiring Industrial Service Specialists

Smart services provide new possibilities for manufacturers, and they have transformed the manufacturing processes to automated processes. Therefore, it is crucial for manufacturers to hire industrial service specialists who will ensure that the facility services and technology needs are met.

In order to transition successfully to the digital environment, manufacturers need to be well-prepared in terms of data collection and automation. Hiring experts especially those with skills required will ensure that the project is properly done. They will provide skills that the manufacturers and other existing staff lacks in order to function effectively in the new environment.

Meeting Environmental Requirements

An example is where third party specialists were hired at an automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) facility in the US to provide the right technology solution. In particular, the facility needed modifications of the paint shop so that it could meet the set environmental requirements.

The experts then designed skid stackers with the aim of building an additional buffer to the body of the paint system. The project required making changes of how the automobile bodies will be moved from the body to paint shop. It also involved the transfer of the overhead body and condensing it to a more compact and simpler process as well as removing the bulky multi-station. The third party specialist, therefore, had to reorganize and change the supply conveyor, create an empty skid on a lower level and expand the third level mezzanine in order to successfully complete the project.

Technical Cleaning

The other example is where a third party expert who an electrical contractor was hired in a US plant to install lighting and socket circuit for the paint’s shop work deck areas. The experts were able to install nine lighting and eight socket panels, switches, grounding cables, ground bars, pneumatic components, and ground connections.

Manufacturers can hire third parties to with skills for technical cleaning that will help reduce cost and environmental impact. Keeping the industry in a pristine state will enable manufacturers to function more efficiently and effectively. For example, Leadec has developed procedures effective for removing dirt in sensitive robots including use of dry ice.

The other third party resources are leverage modern providers who help manufacturers to update their existing processes. The update is done with flexible modern variants that can engage when necessary and quickly disengage depending on the market conditions.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a third party provides solutions for the skills and experience that the manufacturer and their team don’t have and which will play a major role in the success of the project. Besides they are able to provide production, facility and supply chain services necessary to ensure speed of innovation. By adopting the emerging technology, manufacturers will have a competitive advantage in the market.